CIMC Ruijiang Liquid Tank



  On June 22, CIMC Ruijiang liquid tank product launch held in the Zhejiang region, CIMC Ruijiang and C & C Trucks hosted this event, inviting local hazardous freight customers here to watch products. Deputy general manager of CIMC Ruijiang sales company Mr. Wang, Zhejiangregional manager Mr. Wang, regional marketing managers and customerrepresentatives more than 300 people attended the event.





  Zhejiang is one of the most active areas in the Chinese economy; it has Yangtze River Delta dense urban, developed regional road freight; It has been an important gathering market for Ruijiang products. From construction vehicles to liquid tanks, Ruijiang each series products accounted for market share in the area of road transport vehicles remain the leading, Ruijiang brand has a wide popularity. In the promotion conference, deputy general manager of CIMC Ruijiang sales company Mr. Wang introduced Ruijiang liquid tank product advantages to guests and customers and explained in detail the Ruijiang aluminum alloy liquid tank advantages in product technology, manufacturing processes,safety, and economic benefits.




  After the product launch, live guests and customers appreciated Ruijiang aluminum alloy liquid tank, carbon steel liquid tank.The high-end appearance, cost-effective performance and perfect process details got attention and won widespread praise.